After weeks of closure, our museum is looking forward to welcoming you again from May 11th. We will all have to respect the required hygiene rules.
The number of simulaneous visitors to the exhibition will be limited to 8. For your protection and that of other visitors and staff, wearing a mask will be mandatory. Disinfectant, gloves and masks will be available on site.

The museum traces the history of Luxembourg between 1940 and 1945, under the Nazi oppression, through the reactions of the people (passive resistance, resistance movements, forced enrollment, strike, refractory, Luxemburger in the maquis and in the Allied forces ) until liberation, by photos, objects and works of art. Different rooms deal with the Nazi repression and the concentration camp system, as well as the fate of the Jews of Luxembourg.

The museum is a member of the Mulux Network and ICOM Luxembourg.

NEW: if you prefer to avoid any unnecessary outing, the Musée national de la Resistance now offers an online store to get our publications! Click on the Letzshop link at the bottom of our pages to access our selection of books in a secure environment.
NEW: we now have a YouTube Channel! Please subscribe following this link: YouTubeMnR.
Please, note that throughout the renovation of the museum, it remains accessible to the public in a reduced version at 128, rue de l’Alzette (former Court of Justice of the Peace).


Until further notice, the conferences and guided tours planned for the museum are canceled. We’ll be keeping you posted on upcoming events online.
The open-air version of the “Portugal • Luxembourg” and “Aristides De Sousa Mendes” exhibitions is currently displayed on Place de la Résistance (Place du Brill in Esch-sur-Alzette). The texts are in French and Portuguese. The digital version is available online.

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