The museum traces the history of Luxembourg between 1940 and 1945, under the Nazi oppression, through the reactions of the people (passive resistance, resistance movements, forced enrolment, strike, refractory, Luxemburger in the maquis and in the Allied forces ) until liberation, by photos, objects and works of art. Different rooms deal with the Nazi repression and the concentration camp system, as well as the fate of the Jews of Luxembourg.

The museum is a member of the Mulux Network and ICOM Luxembourg.

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and the Third Reich

43 authors, 54 articles en French and German
Presale price (until August) of 32 € (collection at the museum) or 35 € (mailing)

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Health measures

Please note that, until further notice, the number of visitors is limited to 8 in the exhibition rooms. On arrival at the museum, the application of hydro-alcoholic gel on your hands is obligatory. Wearing a mask is mandatory throughout the museum during your visit. Physical distancing must be respected: make sure to keep a distance of 2 m at any time.

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