The museum traces the history of Luxembourg between 1940 and 1945, under the Nazi oppression, through the reactions of the people (passive resistance, resistance movements, forced enrollment, strike, refractory, Luxemburger in the maquis and in the Allied forces ) until liberation, by photos, objects and works of art. Different rooms deal with the Nazi repression and the concentration camp system, as well as the fate of the Jews of Luxembourg.

The museum is a member of the Mulux Network and ICOM Luxembourg.


arrowTuesday, 21/01/2020 • 7pm

Thematic evening : Jewish life in Luxembourg during the thirties

In Luxembourguish with french translation.

The roundtable deals with the Jewish life in Luxembourg and Western Europe in the years before the war. With the Holocaust survivor Gerd Klestadt and historians Daniel Thilman and Vincent Artuso.

Free entrance lu fr

arrowMonday, 27/01/2020 • 7pm

Commemoration ceremony of January 27

World Day for the Remembrance of the Victims of the Holocaust and of Crimes Against Humanity

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