arrowMonday 25/02/2019 • 7pm A conference of Dr. Beate Welter: The executions of February 25, 1944 in Hinzert

75 years ago, on 25 February 1944, 23 leaders of Luxembourg resistance movements, captured during raids organized by the Nazis, were shot without trial at the Hinzert concentration camp. Dr. Beate Welter, director of the SS Sonderlager / KZ Hinzert memorial retraces the history of these events.

The conference is followed by the screening of the film “Hinzert”, made in 1946 by Alphonse Wirion, on the occasion of the repatriation of the mortal remains of the Luxembourgers executed in Hinzert (with the CNA authorization).

In German, free admission.


arrowThursday 28/02/2019 • 7pm Insider looks at the Ukrainian conflict
Discussion with Ukrainian historian Olena Styazhkina

What do we know exactly about the current conflict in Eastern Ukraine? What are the political stakes but also the historical bases of the Donbass war? To see more clearly, we invite you to follow a lecture by the Ukrainian historian Olena Styazkhina, an expert on the subject. Native of this region, her point of view will not fail to bring some elements of answer.

In Ukrainian, with French translation.


arrowThursday 28/03/2019 • 7pm Holocaust and family memory. A discussion with Henri Juda

Henri Juda talks with Frank Schroeder, director of the National Museum of Resistance, about his family’s history and the impact of family memory on descendants.

The Juda family emigrated from Germany to Luxembourg in 1935. During the Nazi occupation, Henri Juda’s father was hidden by a Luxembourg family. His mother was deported from Belgium and survived Auschwitz, while her grandmother was murdered there.

In Luxembourgish, free admission.



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