3, 5 & 6/10/2020

Nebensache – Play in German.

For the opening of the cultural season, the museum will be hosting a series of representations in partnership with the Escher Theater House.

Cornelius sleeps in a different place every night. He roams the countryside because he has no home made of stone or wood or concrete or ice. His home is being on the road and the people he meets. He has nothing but a burnt-out stroller. That was not always the case. In that stroller, he keeps his few belongings, and he carries a story with him that he tells everyone who wants to hear it. It is a story about happiness and about what it takes to be happy – a story about possession and loss, debts and debts, hopelessness, and the courage to start over. When his story ends, Cornelius sets off again. He leaves his listeners pensive.

Saturday 3pm & 5pm
Monday 10am & 2:30pm
Tuesday 8:45am & 10:30am

Free admission with registration.

 visual of the exhibition

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