arrowTuesday 02/07/2019
Round table “Stahleck

The presentation and discussion of a documentary on the Stahleck Rehabilitation Camp, directed by Aurélia Lafontaine, Elisabeth Einsweiler and Fanny Thill as part of their Master’s degree in History at the University of Luxembourg, will be followed by a presentation of the historian Paul Dostert and a discussion with the period witness Jean Schmitt.

In Luxembourguish, free admission.


arrowTuesday 09/07/2019
Conference “Les Luxembourgeois dans les maquis français de 1940-1945

Presentation of Olivier Boussong’s master

Olivier Boussong presents the results of the research of his master’s thesis. His work focusses on the Luxembourgers who were engaged in the French maquis during the Second World War. The historistor will discuss the motivations of the guerrillas, their journey in hiding, their life in the maquis and their various missions until the liberation of France.

In Luxembourgish, free admission.



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